Right Range, Availability And Value

Have you got a broad range of soft drinks choices available to meet the different needs of your shoppers?


  • Ensure best sellers have enough space in the Soft Drinks chiller to meet demand throughout the day.
  • Introduce new products/flavours to keep your category exciting to shop (but remove poor selling lines to create the space).
  • Offer a good range of Price Marked Packs across standard and premium ranges to appeal to different shoppers.
  • Remember: Offering value is more than just lower prices – offer a great service and an enjoyable shopping experience to add value to your customers.

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  • 40% look to see what is on offer and then buy on impulse1
  • If a product is out of  stock more than 2x in a convenience store, the shopper will go elsewhere for their whole shop2
  • 25% of shoppers always purchase price marked packs in convenience stores3