Rapid Delivery Opportunity

What is Rapid Delivery?

Rapid Delivery enables stores to offer selected products online for speedy delivery eg via Deliveroo/UberEats Apps. This has created a new source of growth for the convenience sector – which can drive shopper loyalty, reach new shoppers and grow your sales!


Recommendations to Optimise Rapid Delivery:

  1. Advertise your best sellers

    • Ensure you include your top selling Soft Drinks and a broad range to drive more sales.
  2. Maintain good availability of products advertised on apps

    • Store ratings on these Apps are impacted by store operations (e.g. the right items being delivered).
    • The higher up the ratings your store is the more likely the app is to recommend your store to shoppers, which will result in higher shopper traffic and higher sales.
  3. Make sure the Soft Drinks you advertise are chilled!

    • Rapid delivery is mainly used for “need it now” missions.
    • The top three missions for quick commerce are food-to-go, evening meal, and top-up.

      (IGD ShopperVista May21)

  4. Attract shoppers through creating occasions

    • Create meal/ bundle deals to increase basket spend via the apps – remember to include a Soft Drink!
    • Bundles can make shopping online quicker, easier, and more convenient.

      (IGD Retail Analysis July21)

  5. Ensure optimum product content to view on app

    • Use clear pack shots for ease to shop and ensure price, description and product size is clearly visible on all devices (optimized for mobile) to avoid confusion.
    • Getting these basics right will help to increase shopper conversion and grow impulse purchase too.

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  • 78% of quick commerce shoppers plan to continue using these services in the future1
  • 78% Of UK shoppers using quick commerce can be inspired to pick up last minute items for key events using the apps1 e.g. summer BBQs, Easter, Christmas and parties
  • 35% of 19-45yr olds favoured home delivery as a key service offer to encourage them to shop more3