Unlocking Seasonal Events & Occasions

Are you inspiring shoppers to buy more and spend more on Soft Drinks by linking to key seasonal events and occasions throughout the year?


  • Make sure extra space is given to Soft Drinks during warmer weather – particularly products which appeal to thirsty shoppers (eg; Water/juice drinks/sport drinks).
  • Bring Seasonal events to life in store and remember to include Soft Drinks eg BBQ, Christmas, Diwali, Easter, Halloween.
  • Support local events and let shoppers know about your Soft Drinks range to quench their thirst  eg Local Fun Run, Village Fairs.
  • Link Soft Drinks with key food occasions e.g., evening meal, snacks on the go, or snacks at home.  You can do this by promoting them together and using appealing point of sale material to inspire shoppers eg Big night in –Soft Drink with snacks & pizza.

1. IGD 2020.


There are a huge number of event opportunities that you can use to help inspire shoppers to increase their basket size.

  • Half of 18-34 yr olds claim Seasonal Events introduced them to new products1
  • Over 80% of Shoppers are engaged by Seasonal Events or Special Occasions1