Providing Healthier Choices

Have you provided space and range to healthier choice Soft Drinks to meet evolving consumer needs?


  • Offer a range of Soft Drinks to help shopper consider and make healthier choices
  • Healthier choices might include;
    • Low/no sugar variants across key brands.
    • Soft Drinks made with “natural” sugar.
    • Soft Drinks with added “functional/health” benefits eg vitamins.
  • High Fat, Salt Sugar (HFSS) Legislation aims to help shoppers to consider healthier choices across a range of categories.

1. Mintel Carbonated Soft Drinks Report 2019.
2. IGD 2020.

  • 52% of carbonated Soft Drinks consumers enjoy both diet and original variants
  • 57% are making or considering diet changes so that  they can make healthier choices2