Connecting Via Social Media

Using Social Media to drive sales

Social media gives you an opportunity to engage with your community and is continuing to expand and gain importance as a way of attracting shoppers.



  1. Be concise, informal and fun

    • Attention spans are short so give shoppers the information they want quickly.
    • Chat to your community (e.g. replying to comments) and give your store a friendly tone of voice to build a positive relationship.
  2. Use Social Media to advertise

    • Highlight your best deals to encourage shoppers to make a visit and increase footfall.
    • Use topical events to provide relevant news e.g. Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas – what can you offer customers surrounding these occasions?
    • Be reactive! E.g., if weather is going to be scorching hot, can you do a deal on ice/cold drinks/BBQ food?  Be quick to get the word out to maximise the benefit.
  3. Get the basics right and maintain your presence

    • Ensure your store information (for example address & opening times on Google) are correct.
    • Whilst social media is often less polished by nature, try to ensure your photo’s are the best quality you can make to present your store & its products in an appealing way.
    • Be consistent with your presence – an empty or inactive account can be more damaging than no account at all.
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