Meet Different Shoppers’ Needs
  • Consider the specific needs of your shopper to design a range that works for them e.g.:
    • Locations with high morning trade should include Smoothies, Fruit Juice & Iced Coffee.
    • Stock a good range of Sports and Energy Drinks if you are located close to a sports/ leisure center or gym.
    • Stock a range of Drink Later* products if you offer grocery options for a top-up shop (stock these on shelf as refrigeration is not essential).
    • Water, Juice Drinks and Sports drinks are great to quench thirst on hot days – make sure they are chilled!
  • Many shoppers are value conscious – Price Marked products provide shopper confidence and should be considered as part of your range.

* Drink Later: Ambient larger format products to take home.
Source: 1. HIM PMP study2019.

  • 25% of shoppers always purchase price marked packs in convenience stores