The story of Ribena started back in 1938 and played a big part in British history. Blackcurrants contain vitamin C, so during WW2, Ribena helped support the nutritional needs of children who required vitamin C.
Ribena continues to support Britain, as it is made from 100% British blackcurrants. 95% of all UK grown blackcurrants go into making Ribena.
Ribena also has strong sustainability credentials, it was the first UK soft drink brand to use 100% recycled plastic bottles that are 100% bottle-to-bottle recyclable and introduced a 100% recyclable paper straw to its cartons in 2020.
The unmistakeable taste of Ribena is now available in different formats including; Juice Drinks, Squash and Flavoured Carbonates.
Ribena is the largest Juice Brand in the category worth £119M in the latest year1.
35 bottles of Ribena Squash are sold every minute in the UK1.
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