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What is HFSS?

  • This refers to new restrictions that the government are set to impose on foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt. HFSS stands for High Fat, Sugar, Salt.
  • The government is applying promotional and location restrictions on high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) products in stores and online.

Exemptions to HFSS

  • The regulations do not apply to businesses with fewer than 50 employees.
  • All stores below 2,000 sq. ft, regardless of ownership, are exempt from the location restrictions in the regulations.
  • The proposals treat symbol group retailers as larger businesses so they are in scope of the regulations.

HFSS Restrictions Summary:

Price: A ban on volume price promotions for HFSS products e.g.:

Location: A ban on placing HFSS products in certain locations:

  • Within two meters of the checkout areas, queuing areas or self-checkouts.
  • Products cannot be placed at the end of aisles, or in dump bin displays.
  • Store entrances are also prohibited from displaying HFSS products.

Advertising: 9pm TV watershed and online ban for HFSS products.

Why is HFSS legislation being introduced?

  • These regulations form part of the Government’s obesity strategy to get the nation fit and healthy.
  • The HFSS measures will support people in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and aims to improve the nation’s health.
  • They will make supermarkets and other retailers, places where the healthier choice is the easy choice for everyone and support people to lead healthier lives.

When is it being introduced?

  • UK –1st October 2022 (Price & Location).
  • UK – 1st January 2023 (Advertising).