Legislation Headlines – DRS

What is the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

  • Deposit return schemes (DRS) are used across the world as a way of encouraging more people to recycle drinks containers, such as bottles and cans.
  • Deposit return schemes work by charging Soft Drinks shoppers a small deposit for the bottle or can that their soft drink comes in.
  • Shoppers get this money back when they return the bottle or can to an approved collection point so that containers can be used again and again.


How Deposit Return System (DRS) works

Why is the DRS being introduced?

  • Governments across the UK are introducing deposit return schemes over the next few years.
  • DRS will improve recycling rates, reduce litter and help tackle the climate crisis.
  • DRS will incentivise a positive behaviour change and make it easy to do the right thing.


When is it being introduced?

  • Republic of Ireland – February 2024.
  • Scotland – August 2023.
  • England –2024/2025 (Date TBC).
  • Northern Ireland -2024/2025 (Date TBC).
  • Wales –2024/2025 (Date TBC).

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