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Provide a choice of the best-selling sports, energy and stimulation soft drinks to meet the different needs of consumers in each product type.

For Example:


Lucozade Sport Orange


Lucozade Energy Orange


Red Bull Original

Offer a range that works for different shoppers e.g.

  • Locations with high morning trade should include Smoothies, Fruit Juice & Iced Coffee.
  • Stock a good range of sports and energy drinks if you are located close to a sports/leisure centre or gym.

Include simple Point of Sale messages to help educate shoppers on the differences between sport, energy and stimulation drinks to assist them in making suitable choices.

1. Trends in Health and Fitness 2019.
2. Mintel Leisure Outlook 2020.
3. Mintel Energy Report 2019.

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  • Whilst going to the gym is popular, 44% of people do other physical activities eg cycling, dancing, gardening1
  • 66% of over 16’s are physically active (150+ mins activity per week)2
  • Energy & Sports drinks expected to grow more than 12% to 20243

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